First 3G/4G Signal Booster Kit ever

The only 3G/4G cell signal booster kit on the market – the Cellphone-Mate 3G/4G Signal Booster Kit. This industrial-strength kit was designed for very demanding workplace environments. It supports multiple bands and users simultaneously and covers a very large area.

The repeater kit runs on the 3G wireless network operated by all major carriers, and it also works on Verizon and T Mobile’s 4G networks. Verizon operates the nation’s largest 4G service on the LTE’s 700Mhz band while T Mobile runs its 4G network on the AWS 1700/2100Mhz band, both supported by this unique 3G/4G cell phone booster kit.

The powerful signal provided by the 3G/4G cellular booster kit is derived from the system of three amplifiers connected to form four bands. The kit includes the original CM2000 62db amplifier for the standard 800 Mhz CEL band and 1900 PCS band, the CM700-V for Verizon’s 4G LTE and the CM2100 for T-Mobile’s 4G AWS.

Meticulous booster engineering from Cellphone-Mate create a potent 3G/4G signal amplifier offering for large offices.

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